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success Favors The The cold sun of post Storm Tortuga shines wan and pale beyond, Breaking through cloudcover every now and then to create rather dramatic beams of light. One such godly spotlight blazes away from front of The Jakes, enlightening the windows from the front porch with a brilliant glow. The good weather has many people outside, Leaving the within of the tavern/inn relatively quiet, With a dozen or so people scattered all around the tables and chairs. Sebastien has chosen a table not too far from the door, Not being concerned about those tempting chairs by the fire given the good weather. going to remain, A mug of mulled wine steams available before him as he waits for scattered Santiagos to arrive, His chair turned about so that he straddles the rear of it, Forearms crossed atop a corner. He chats easily with one of the serving women before sending her off with a grin and a wink, "Adieu mademoiselle. and don't forget, Never bet on someone utilizing their hand behind their back, When Simon walks in he seems uncharacteristically tired, Something which doesn't seem to be performing drinking a common plight for sailors given that even in this state, With the dark bags under his eyes and a certain slump in the way his shoulders are set, He is still well shaved and his uniform is pressed and rather perfect. The rapier at his hip though tells distinctive tale, Bearing a hilt that could use some impressive attention and the belt itself looking rather cracked in a couple of places in ways polish can't do much about, But as he peeks around trying to let his eyes get used to the lighting that will be the least of his concerns. Katalin rolls Stealth (8 vs Sebastien's particular attention (8 minor Victory for Sebastien. Sebastien rolls alertness: advancement (8 clarifies that it's into The Jakes, Weaving along the large, Tired looking brit. She spots Sebastien flirting all of the serving girl and pads up behind him on cat's paws, Then swoops in and wordlessly features his eyes. Sebastien glances toward the englishman briefly, But merely looks down to the [url=]hot spanish women[/url] man's sword, nods, and looks back to his wine, lost Katalin behind Simon's broad form. He needs a sip, And the good news is sets the mug down again before the barber surgeon appears behind him. The hands over his eyes draw him up any straighter, you need to a smile across his lips, "Eef " Whatever he would definitely say cuts off as he realizes that the hands over his eyes are not a thief's hands, And he takes place, The smile vanishing in a moment, "stop, Who And he creativities in his seat, Trying to duck out from under the hands only to lose the hat he probably can't afford to have been wearing indoors. Simon doesn't are in a rush to go anywhere but when Katalin slinks in behind him he does turn, although sluggishly, To cast a quiet gaze her way accompanied by an equally slow nod of his head in thank you of her presence. "Madam, Is the word he chooses to her with though and only then does he advance further deeper into the room after pulling his pants up so he can get himself a seat at a table next to Sebastien's own. "you ought to be mindful, there, He then also tells some other man, "as there is much that can be stolen at a moment's notice around here. Your eyes being on the lighter side of what can wander off, If guess what happens I mean, The young woman a joke, glad with Sebastien's reaction. to be honest, the match is up, And she releases his head, Skitter dancing backwards until she no longer has sufficient arm's reach, Nearly disturbing a passing tray of drinks. Whew! She gives an regretful grimace, Then slips out of her big woollen men's coat, Hanging it by the door. She vision Simon. "more compact? will be literal or idiom, She asks Simon in heavily adorned English. Sebastien makes a very Gallic noise of disgust when Katalin brings out herself, Ducking down to scoop up his hat and deposit it on the table top before him, "Lin. I not surprisingly hope you enjoyed that, Amusement threads through his tone despite the earlier noise, And he takes a loose swing at Katalin's shoulder with merely no intention of connecting. He sobers somewhat at the recommendations from Simon, Brows being created, "Oui, Monsieur. And if I had much of value besides my life and my hat, I might be more troubled. for whatever reason, Even if many try to steal the previous, None try to steal the latter, Katalin's concern draws a chuckle, And a brief shake of his head before he motions toward Simon to let the man answer for himself. as it were there Simon seemed like he was content to let the conversation die down, and on his end, But after being addressed he gazes up looking at Katalin again. "All I meant men are super easy to blind. You don't even need your hands sometimes, yes, He asks and peeks around for a server who never quite seems to reach in time for his tastes. "most notably ones with little to lose, He confesses, Dropping the last sentence with some reluctance and as if it hurts him to expend so much energy before he's had something to eat, But he does lean back enough to cause the chair to creak a little protest as a result. "come across, It seems like it'd be vice versa, The englishman adds even more slowly than before, Chewing the language out. Lin smiles smugly, face dimpling. She takes her cap and stuffs it into her coat pocket, Shaking out her dark curls together fingers, Then pulling her hair with you and tying it at the nape of her neck with a leather cord. "I am very busy, She concurs with, pulling a chair over. She gives Sebastien a slack, next to nothing sisterly kiss to his cheek and sits down. She rattles her head at Simon. "Maybe I should forget it. I do not understand why having a thing to lose make you less likely to lose your eyes, Taking another sip of his wine now that no one is looking for a way cover his eyes, Sebastien has just put the mug down when he has to wipe at his cheek with his sleeve with an "Eugh, He shoots a mock disgusted look at Katalin, Then shakes his head and chuckles to very little. "it is my opinion, Lin, What the gentlemen meant was that since you quite neatly stole away my vision, you could already have just as easily stolen my coinpurse or my life, trying hard back to Simon, The Frenchman gives hook shrug, "I do not really disagree with your assessment, Monsieur, Although it does seem a touch depressed, One forehead arches, "Have you not been napping well? annoyed by the events of Noel? Or has there been another attack since that time, Something about Simon's gesture shows he is beginning to become exasperated with the lack of service, this indicates, Although the truth is he's not really doing anything else to call anyone over to his table so far. "Let's say you're a rich man. You own twenty hats it's how you know you have made it in life, certainly, He asks Sebastien with a hint of a grin on his face. "A girl sneaks up from behind and snatches one of them it is not too bad, proper, He checks with the other man. "Now if you only had one if that you might ever only have one. that has worse, an absense of, Although he's commercially addressing the other fellow it's obvious who he's really talking to. "But pessimism is a good way to stave off let-down or at least to tell yourself you knew things were going to turn to shit before they actually did anyway. It's a small relief but we must make do in what we have. one, for example, Sleep better over these 'attacks' than I do in their aftermath, very cold. Is it not necessarily of late? One might hope that the usual warmth of the islands might break through for a few days, yet unfortunately no. At least the sun's family member warmth helps, But it's infrequent enough that it's just a tease. Gabriel pushes the actual door of the tavern, With a lot shake out his coat for a relative rarity. He blinks a couple of times as his eyes adjust, spotting his crewmates. Hand directly on pommel of rapier, The man makes his way over to pause by Katalin's joint. There's a sort of absent nod to the different form of Simon. "violence? Did I feel the loss of something, The joys of finding one's self dealing with a conversation. When Gabriel strolls over, She leans back against him quite. Comfortable familiarity. She fiddles back with her own sword belt, Unbuckling it and scooching a bit to hang it over the back of her chair. Her eyes narrow a bit in suspected, And her eyebrows finally arch understand. "That's why you don't need ever to have the most hats. If you are the most hats guy, through the entire to steal you hats. Be maybe most hats guy volume four. So you will thirteen hats maybe. much more, But everyone notices the bigger guy, She designer bags her lips a bit, Frustrated with her ability to precise herself in English. Sebastien shrugs small helplessly at Simon, "in general, If a female snatches my hat, I think she is inviting me to chase her, joking easily, He contains, "Perhaps that's I have not lost a hat in some time. Perhaps that is also why I do not join the idea of pessimism, even though his French accent, His command of the English language is without a doubt stronger than Katalin's. He nods considerately a moment, "So then you have not slept well because there has not been to my knowledge an attack since Noel, And you are concerned about when the next one will come, He nods to Gabriel as the man recommendations the tables, "Just our English friend here missing the actual attack, i feel, Katalin's tip draws a laugh from Sebastien, "my oh my, except Lin, I fear if I had the fourth most hats, I should be induced to steal the hats of those ahead of me so that I could have the most. It is human instinct, isn't it, Unlike the kinship Katalin shares with Sebastien there's nothing quite like it on Simon's behalf; the person looks aloof at best, Switching between reluctance and thoughts in equal measure as he gazes between the two and the place's staff. "Some people are made to wear more hats than they have. Others to have a closet full of them but I can't tell you who would like them the most, madam, He tells the girl guarantees with a small shrug of his shoulders before gazing over to the other man who just walked in. "They are hard to miss once they come sir, So I don't worry too much about it not if I had a choice, that's been, His lips twitch and then he releases a long breath and hapless smile. "We don't always get a choice either in what we want or what we get. for example, Mashed spuds, When Katalin leans back inside him, Gabriel reflexively lifts a hand to brush against her hair. It's an act done without curious about and for all he doesn't even look down when he does so, It's clear he's not fully refinement that he's done so. "I don't realize this obsession with hats. Lin, You have been in existence the Frenchman too much, I am dreaming, he does grin, lightly, Before moving to her side to grab a chair to stay into [url=]beautiful girl in spanish[/url] after removing his own sword belt. "I sleep better with no attack, thank you very much, Katalin jabs a kids finger at Sebastien. "then you're a greedy, money grabbing man. feel bad for, there's nothing actually harsh or sharp about it, And a server finally arrives with a round of the hot mulled wine. use it the tab! When Gabriel watercolor brushes her hair, one corner of her mouth tugs upward a bit, Cheek dimpling for a moment. "Don't are worried about hats, Gabi. i'm not turning French, She shudders dramatically at the thought, crossing herself. "pass the time, she says, Ending the melodrama and pulsating. "Mashed apples, "You say this, Monsieur, And yet I have managed to miss several of the attacks, Either Sebastien is fooling, Or he's the kind of nutcase who wants to be present when monsters of myth and legend attack. "The shapeshifting the woman, as an example. Now that would have been enticing. and where am I? present on my ship, once more, He extends the throaty sound of disgust. "As to your potato example I will have to say that all sane and sensible people prefer the infinitely better roasted potato to the mashed variety, Gabriel's issue draws a laugh from Sebastien, And he reaches out to smooth the struggling feather of his own hat, "be careful, friday ami, as a substitute for catching, Katalin's chastising of him provokes him to laugh aloud, "Not money grubbing, I assure you. But I do just like pretty things, His gray eyes shift connecting Katalin and Gabriel, A polite light flickering through them a moment. "It sounds to me like you were where you were allowed to be, there. But to end up being frank, The attacks ourselves aren't what keeps me up. It's the expectancy in between, Simon admits as he sets out to stand from his chair, Apparently giving up on the danger of ever getting those potatoes in time to stave off the rumbling in his gut. "currently the your escalation. Usually with a war you can tell what the other side wants or how far they may take it usually gold settles these things. Someone anywhere you want wants more hats, And if purely hand them over they go away. But on this page? at present? here, Maybe he's never aware of it but his lips twitch again. "wedding event like that. It blocks a guy on his toes, caused by his bedroll, toward Katalin: "they earn life worth living, madam, "Thank god, the father for that, Gabriel says to Katalin when she assures him she is not looking French. whenever the wine is brought, He puts in an investment for his usual ale. He to become like to Simon, Staring big event man. Then oh no- Sebastien and Katalin. There's a gesture after the englishman. "Hats or spuds? I are unsure which make life worth living. or possibly a neither, Katalin mouths the words 'mashed potatoes' once more, Then smoothies her head. strange lot, The uk. "I think i can agree everyone has a different hat or potato. Maybe your spud is music, Or receiving olds, collectibles, Lin. "but that's talk for smart people. I know money helps you get your hats. speaking of money, she says to her fellow Santiagos, "I think I earn enough for our supply for the sugar plantation visit, states proudly, even so she lowers her voice a bit. Sebastien lifts his mug of mulled wine in praise to Simon, Nodding to simply accept the words. Gabriel, anyhow, Gets an offended sounding scoff, "Thank the lord? You could do tons worse than a Frenchwoman for company, I reassure you, having that slide easily enough, the guy chuckles, "also bedrolls, Or foot, Or fantastic. obviously, there are various things that could make life worth living, And then Katalin is getting serious, And Sebastien leans forward over his arms where they are crossed atop the rear of his chair, "all right, we must always indeed speak of that. Do this site has a plan? Or are we just going to go and ask whatever questions come to mind? as with, 'did you will understand that your daughter may be a flesh eating monster?' I'm sure would go over well Rocher is, having, A italian name, there's a shrug for Sebastien, Though Gabriel grins in solution that scoff. "I prefer my women from closer to Spain, 'Tien. exactly what do I say? Perhaps oahu is the ah, It is all of it. you may have your Frenchwomen, Though he tends to flirt with almost any woman, so it is all a lie, certainly. Just one for Lin's sake at the time. He leans back in his chair as the subject is changed, Arching a forehead. "strategy? Has the growing season changed you? i don't know I have ever heard you speak of a plan before, you snorts, amused. "We 'll want gear. your meals. It aren't a quick trip, Katalin warms her face to face her cup of mulled wine. With the a brit gone, She buttons to Spanish. " Know Giordano has been working up some plan of attack, Though I am not particularly sure what he has in mind. She has a long slow drink, allowing the spices warm her. " I've given something like fifteen thousand million shaves and haircuts, And the lobster fights made a tidy profit, "You can say will need poor taste in women, Sebastien teases Gabriel. elizabeth arched brow, nevertheless, He scoffs constantly harder, "I also have a plan. It's just that the plan is undoubtedly 'the pointy end goes in the other guy.or,–" When Katalin knobs back to Spanish, The Frenchman's brows furrow and he works to stick to the words along, responding haltingly, " proposal has? may be 'lobster?' tips to use sword? The son of a rather wealthy service provider back in Spain, Gabriel is fluent in English and the spanish language. He just has a rather thick accent in the first sort. It means a particular language switch occurs and Sebastien's own halting use of his native tongue comes in? your dog cringes. The man gives a fairly long look to the Frenchman, for the other hand, In the wake within the teasing, But anything he will surely have said is cut off by the delivery of the food Simon had been waiting on and his own ale. Since the naval sailor is not about, you know, Gabe decides to lay claim they can that meal. "lobster, He repeats in native english speakers. " Things she caught and had fight for entertainment. He begins to dig in to eat, reclining forward. " looks over maps to figure how many day's supplies we need. Gives Sebastien and apologetic glance and switches back to English. "I think we should go soon. We have experienced so many time to plan. I'm choosing antsy in my pants, She drain pipes her cup, Setting it down on the table less than carefully. It totters and spins for a moment before settling down.

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